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Have you ever had a dream? My friends and I talk about what dreaming looks like for them. Fear has its way of infiltrating how we respond to our dreams. Whether it is through circumstances, or just finding the courage to press in, dreaming is a gift that everyone needs to opportunity to share in. You’ll hear stories and encouraging words from big dreamers and a licensed counselor on the importance of dreaming.
  Denisha Jenkins of Kardia Advisory Group; Jeff Jenkins of; Candace Smith of The Suchy Much,  and a licensed counsellor, Lorena Watson, help by joining in on the discussion of what their pursuit of their dreams look like for them This is just part 1 as they will be joining me for part 2.
We address two points in Part 1 Don’t be afraid to dream. and Give yourself an opportunity to dream.
I hope that this inspires you to dream big and dream often.
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Episode 5: Dreams Start From In Here Part 1
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