Posted by on July 16, 2018

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I hope you all had an opportunity to listen to my first podcast ‘At The Border Part 1’.  I went in with the narrative that there were reports of child trafficking happening at the border–more than normal. After interviewing several people (including the Women of Faith), the reports of widespread trafficking wasn’t necessarily true. In Part 2  you’ll here a conversation/interview with an immigration attorney out of Houston, Texas.  She will give some insight on what the actual narrative should be in-regard to children at the border.

We were able to visit the place we were not initially able to get into, The Catholic Charities Respite Center. You’ll be able to hear audio from inside the center. We were not permitted to shoot video because of the children. You will also hear an interview from a gentleman who runs an orphanage (orphanage not mentioned due to security purposes). I hope you enjoy. If you’d like to donate to the Catholitc Charities in McAllen, Texas, you can text (650)- 427-0735 for monetary donations.  If you would like donate to the orphanage you can send me a separate message and I can provide you that information.




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