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If you haven’t read my post on why I am an abolitionist, I would click here before you continue on. Are you back? Okay…let’s continue. The 19th century proved to

Sarah Parker Redmond

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On Saturday March, 24th there was a March For Our Lives rally in Washington D.C. and across the United States. This was in response to one of the deadliest school

Frederick Douglass

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In 2016, I had the honor and privilege of hearing and meeting the great-great- great grandson of Frederick Douglass at the Slave City Summit in Austin, Texas. His name is

Harriet Tubman (a.k.a Moses)

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For those who are familiar with Black History, you have a grasp on who Harriet Tubman is and what she did. Unfortunately, abolitionist, like Tubman, are hardly (if even) mentioned

I Am An Abolitionist

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Okay…I am not going to assume I know what you are thinking. But just in case…Yes, I am an abolitionist. In the month of February, Black History Month, I dedicated