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When I began this journey to help combat human trafficking it started with a dream. Not only was the idea given to me in a dream, but it was confirmed in a dream by a friend. Her dream was just as intense as mine. I knew after hearing her dream, in 2008, that rescuing children would be my mission. Little did I know that children being trafficked was way bigger than I could ever imagine.

I wasn’t aware of the many  agencies and officials putting in work to help combat today’s modern-day slavery. 2009-2010 was around the time that I really started to get involved. It began with an organization that partnered with my church called SCTNOW (Stop Child Trafficking NOW). We were in charge of putting a team together to help raise money as well as do a walk here in Austin.

When I first saw the number 27 Million, I couldn’t believe it. That number was in fact the amount of people trafficked in the world. It totally blew my mind that there are more people enslaved today than an other time in history. Okay…this got me fired up. I remember purchasing a song in 2012 called 27 Million.  It was released with fanfare  to help bring awareness to human trafficking. I was thinking to myself…wow…there is so much work that needs to be done…where do I began.

Since then I have  done a lot more research into human trafficking. I got to visit and tour IJM headquarters in Washington.  I’ve written blog post to help bring awareness. I’ve been to anti-slavery summits and even got to sit in on legislation arguments at the Texas State Capital. The one number that continued to stick in my head was  27 Million. Then I realized that I had not checked on if that number had changed. With the success of survivors being rescued and legislation and laws being set in place, surly that number had gone down. Up until a few weeks ago I had been oblivious…

45.8 Million. That number startled me. Wait…a minute. Let that number sink in: 45.8 Million people enslaved either through sex or labor trafficking in the world. I am not a math wiz, but I did the math. That is a 70% increase. This is all from a report in 2016 by the Global Slavery Index. Granted, 10 million are from then unreported numbers from India and North Korea. But even then, that number is extremely difficult to comprehend. Luckily with the efforts being done, there is an estimate of 40.3 Million enslaved. So there has been a decrease as of recent.

This let’s me know there is still more work to accomplish. I hope you will partner with me and other organizations to end modern-day slavery. We need all hands on deck. Stay Tuned for ways you can get involved.


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